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Hey everyone! It has been a minute since I offered an update. I just finished co-leading a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive. It was 3 weeks of meeting every day and immersing ourselves in yoga lectures, practice teaching, practicing, and more. It was beautiful, I loved every minute of it, and 5 incredible teachers emerged from the program. Can’t wait to do this again! Have you thought about doing a YTT?

I will be offering a few SUP Yoga classes this month (July 15 & July 28 – you can sign up through Workshops on If you haven’t tried this with me.. you should! If you like the ocean and the outdoors, you will have a great time! It’s one of my favorite things to teach, so come enjoy some play time!

A few months ago I partnered with the SD Humane Society and started Kitten & Bunny Yoga classes, and it has become so successful – the whole summer series is sold out! So keep your eyes peeled for the next round I schedule .. these classes are popular (for obvious reasons 🙂 and fill up fast!

I’d love to see some friendly faces at my studio and SUP classes, as come August I will be embarking on a Euro-journey for 6 weeks! I am heading to Germany in August to continue to train one of my students (a new YTT graduate!) and help her develop her teaching and create a yoga business out there. In one of the greenest towns in Germany, we will be planning outdoor yoga and SUP Yoga in Wiesbaden. Keep your eyes and ears posted for lots of exciting things coming for you out of Europe this summer! I will be there in August and traveling NW Europe in September with my family. I hope to have new insights and thoughts to share with you all when I am back!

And finally, when I return I’d love to have you join me for a weekend retreat I’ve partnered with fellow teacher and friend Kristin Bly to create. Our Malibu Mountains Soulcation is meant to give you a weekend to commit to yourself, to practice yoga & meditation, eat delicious foods, experience sound healing and aromatherapy, and just BE in a beautiful 3 acre villa overlooking the ocean and surrounded by hiking trails. Sometimes we forget the beauty and serenity that lies in our own backyards. For more information on this contact me 🙂

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