My First Successful Juice Cleanse!

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I finally experienced a juice cleanse that I would consider doing again! This was a monumental feat, and so I’d like to share what I experienced and what I think helped it be so successful.


I consider this “successful” because I not only completed it, but I also (to some degree) enjoyed it. I have done many 1-3 day cleanses in the past in which I was miserable, and swore to myself I would never do this again.


But then, I decided to do it again… 🙂

I purchased a 1 day juice cleanse from Juice Alchemy in San Diego. I received 7 juices which had a variety of fruits & vegetables. I think the first thing that made this juice cleanse better than any other i’ve done is that I bought it from people who make juice for a living. While I love making my food at home, my juices don’t always taste the best, and making a whole day’s worth of juices would be a lot of shopping/chopping/cleaning. This took so little effort, it was great! They also made juice combos that I would not have thought of, and made my need for flavor and variety a reality. 

I picked to do this 1-day cleanse on a day when I wasn’t teaching classes, but I was working a lot (meetings, photo shoot, teacher training). I’ve tried doing a juice cleanse before when I had to teach classes, and that did not feel good. I think a day when you can just work from a desk, or in some way keep the activity light, is best. I did start the day with a Bikram Yoga class to sweat everything out, and after class I drank a cup of celery juice (that I made on my own). I think working out first thing in the morning is great, because by the end of the day I was so tired there was no way I would have done anything active. I am also not hungry in the mornings. I generally don’t eat until about 11 or 12pm, so the morning was easy for me. At about 12pm I started drinking my Juice Alchemy juices. Drank 1 bottle about every 2-3 hours. I ended up being so busy that day so I almost didn’t have time to think about food, which helped. 

Staying hydrated with water is super important during this process. Lemon water has never tasted so good to me; I drank that all day. I have literally never cared for lemon water until this day. I think it was because it was yet another flavor I could enjoy. 

At around 3pm, I started food prepping for the next day. That was a little rough 🙂 But I made it! For about an hour I really thought about eating. Then I snuck in a 20 minute nap, grabbed another juice, and carried on. 

I did notice towards the end of the day I was not as social and talkative as usual. I just wanted things to be to the point, which is fine. I wasn’t cranky, just not really in the mood for small talk.

I enjoyed a last juice around 9:30pm when I got off work, and before bed did a lot of tongue scraping. I already love tongue scraping pretty regularly, but this was very necessary after a day of letting my body cleanse and process what was stuck in there. 

I had no energy by the time I laid down for bed. Sleep hit quickly, and when morning came it took me a minute to get going. I spent the first half of the next day drinking the last 2 juices I didn’t finish the day prior, and felt really good. I was noticeably less bloated than I’ve been feeling lately, which was a big goal of doing this in the first place. I actually think if I had enough juices I could make it through day 2. Day 3 I’m not so sure of .. =p

For an active lifestyle and active work life, I think a 1 day cleanse is PERFECT. It gives the body a chance to reset, to not have to process foods and take that energy to other tasks it needs to perform. I will 100% buy my juices for my next juice cleanse. Spending a little money to make this successful and easy is worth it to me. My goal is to do this 1 day every other month, who wants to join me? 


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