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hike nazli takesh yoga

How is it December already?! This year has flown by! I want to share a few fun things I have been engaged in and what I will be offering to the public as the year comes to an end. As most of you know, yoga is a big BIG part of my life. What some of you know is that my passions are deeply rooted in holistic health: yoga, nutrition (both what you take in and put on your body), breathing, meditation, and spending time in nature are what I believe heals and keeps a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training I am taking is helping me reaffirm my beliefs and practices, and strengthen them to share with others.

hike nazli takesh yoga

During November, along with a lot of studies on the energetic side of yoga and healing, I became certified to teach Yin Yoga. A gentle style of yoga, that focuses more on stretching into the fascia (deep connective tissues) and promoting movement of prana throughout the body in a way that Vinyasa Yoga doesn’t target. They are wonderful and complementary practices. Thursdays at 8:15pm at Spirit Yoga Studios I’ll be leading a candlelit Yin inspired class during the month of December. Come take my 7pm Vinyasa class and stay for a deep stretch after 🙂

I am also leading a workshop series in January/February that will focus on mastering the fundamentals of yoga (breath, 6 movements of the spine, open/closed hip postures, backbends, and beginner inversions/arm balances). Ask me if you’d like more information on this!

Take a peek at my schedule to join me during the holiday season for some movement, and check out my retreat page if you’re interested in joining me for travel and yoga next year! I’ve got early bird pricing (big discounts) until Dec 15, so hurry and reserve your spot (if you didn’t know already, we are headed to Panama)! My retreats focus on discovering a new place, with an adventurous and curious group of people, while also wanting to better yourself via the path of holistic health and working from the inside out. This experience will be magical! I hope you come 🙂

I love receiving emails asking questions or just connecting, so I’d love to hear from you!


Lots of love <3

Namaste, Nazli

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