My First Successful Juice Cleanse!

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I finally experienced a juice cleanse that I would consider doing again! This was a monumental feat, and so I’d like to share what I experienced and what I think helped it be so successful.


I consider this “successful” because I not only completed it, but I also (to some degree) enjoyed it. I have done many 1-3 day cleanses in the past in which I was miserable, and swore to myself I would never do this again.


But then, I decided to do it again… 🙂

I purchased a 1 day juice cleanse from Juice Alchemy in San Diego. I received 7 juices which had a variety of fruits & vegetables. I think the first thing that made this juice cleanse better than any other i’ve done is that I bought it from people who make juice for a living. While I love making my food at home, my juices don’t always taste the best, and making a whole day’s worth of juices would be a lot of shopping/chopping/cleaning. This took so little effort, it was great! They also made juice combos that I would not have thought of, and made my need for flavor and variety a reality. 

I picked to do this 1-day cleanse on a day when I wasn’t teaching classes, but I was working a lot (meetings, photo shoot, teacher training). I’ve tried doing a juice cleanse before when I had to teach classes, and that did not feel good. I think a day when you can just work from a desk, or in some way keep the activity light, is best. I did start the day with a Bikram Yoga class to sweat everything out, and after class I drank a cup of celery juice (that I made on my own). I think working out first thing in the morning is great, because by the end of the day I was so tired there was no way I would have done anything active. I am also not hungry in the mornings. I generally don’t eat until about 11 or 12pm, so the morning was easy for me. At about 12pm I started drinking my Juice Alchemy juices. Drank 1 bottle about every 2-3 hours. I ended up being so busy that day so I almost didn’t have time to think about food, which helped. 

Staying hydrated with water is super important during this process. Lemon water has never tasted so good to me; I drank that all day. I have literally never cared for lemon water until this day. I think it was because it was yet another flavor I could enjoy. 

At around 3pm, I started food prepping for the next day. That was a little rough 🙂 But I made it! For about an hour I really thought about eating. Then I snuck in a 20 minute nap, grabbed another juice, and carried on. 

I did notice towards the end of the day I was not as social and talkative as usual. I just wanted things to be to the point, which is fine. I wasn’t cranky, just not really in the mood for small talk.

I enjoyed a last juice around 9:30pm when I got off work, and before bed did a lot of tongue scraping. I already love tongue scraping pretty regularly, but this was very necessary after a day of letting my body cleanse and process what was stuck in there. 

I had no energy by the time I laid down for bed. Sleep hit quickly, and when morning came it took me a minute to get going. I spent the first half of the next day drinking the last 2 juices I didn’t finish the day prior, and felt really good. I was noticeably less bloated than I’ve been feeling lately, which was a big goal of doing this in the first place. I actually think if I had enough juices I could make it through day 2. Day 3 I’m not so sure of .. =p

For an active lifestyle and active work life, I think a 1 day cleanse is PERFECT. It gives the body a chance to reset, to not have to process foods and take that energy to other tasks it needs to perform. I will 100% buy my juices for my next juice cleanse. Spending a little money to make this successful and easy is worth it to me. My goal is to do this 1 day every other month, who wants to join me? 


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End of 2018!

Nazli Takesh San Diego Yoga

Happy Holiday season! How did 2019 come to an end already? I hope you all feel fulfilled with your year, and if you don’t that’s ok too, because there’s another year ahead of us to tackle 🙂

As for me, since coming home from Germany and my Europe travels in September, I was craving time at home. Just some time to sit and be. But you know me, I continue to plan and am so excited to have more events and classes to offer. 

The Malibu retreat I hosted with Kristin Bly went really well.. it was such a beautiful weekend that made me realize how much even a quick weekend away can do for the soul. Sometimes we need a few days away from the craziness of daily life to sit by ourselves, maybe with a few [new/old] friends, in nature, and let life just happen and let things absorb. Maybe to heal through things without distractions. To write out your thoughts and feel all the feels. 

Nazli Takesh yoga san diego

I can’t wait to offer a few more retreat in 2019. They are not officially announced but I’ll let you hear it first so you can mark your calendars: April I will be hosting a weekend retreat at a beautiful farm in Fallbrook, CA. I cannot wait to tell you more, but THERE WILL BE FARM ANIMALS!! Specifically: goats, horses, a mini pony, chickens, a llama, and the cutest pig ever. I am bursting with excitement over this. Stay tuned for details, prices, and how to get in on this magical weekend where we will not only connect with nature, but also with other sweet beings. Second retreat will be happening in September, and I am headed back to Peru! A few days of luxury in the Sacred Valley, and a few days hiking the Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu. This was one of the most epic trips, and 2 years later I’ve decided it’s time to go back. The views and experiences are something I dream about all the time still. Again, stay tuned for how you can get in on this. I believe this is year of Llamas for me 😉

In-between these experiences I will be leading a summer Yoga Teacher Training Intensive. My favorite way to lead a YTT: 3 weeks of fully immersive discussions and workshops.

Nazli Takesh yoga san diego

There are more workshops and ways you can join me in yoga/wellness activities outside of the big events, and you can find those out by following me on both Instagram and Facebook. Also, you can send me a message through my “Contact” page to stay in the loop with what I’m doing!

As always, I love to hear from friends, students, teachers, etc .. tell me what you want to see more of! 

Love you all 🙂

Summer is Here!!!


Hey everyone! It has been a minute since I offered an update. I just finished co-leading a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive. It was 3 weeks of meeting every day and immersing ourselves in yoga lectures, practice teaching, practicing, and more. It was beautiful, I loved every minute of it, and 5 incredible teachers emerged from the program. Can’t wait to do this again! Have you thought about doing a YTT?

I will be offering a few SUP Yoga classes this month (July 15 & July 28 – you can sign up through Workshops on If you haven’t tried this with me.. you should! If you like the ocean and the outdoors, you will have a great time! It’s one of my favorite things to teach, so come enjoy some play time!

A few months ago I partnered with the SD Humane Society and started Kitten & Bunny Yoga classes, and it has become so successful – the whole summer series is sold out! So keep your eyes peeled for the next round I schedule .. these classes are popular (for obvious reasons 🙂 and fill up fast!

I’d love to see some friendly faces at my studio and SUP classes, as come August I will be embarking on a Euro-journey for 6 weeks! I am heading to Germany in August to continue to train one of my students (a new YTT graduate!) and help her develop her teaching and create a yoga business out there. In one of the greenest towns in Germany, we will be planning outdoor yoga and SUP Yoga in Wiesbaden. Keep your eyes and ears posted for lots of exciting things coming for you out of Europe this summer! I will be there in August and traveling NW Europe in September with my family. I hope to have new insights and thoughts to share with you all when I am back!

And finally, when I return I’d love to have you join me for a weekend retreat I’ve partnered with fellow teacher and friend Kristin Bly to create. Our Malibu Mountains Soulcation is meant to give you a weekend to commit to yourself, to practice yoga & meditation, eat delicious foods, experience sound healing and aromatherapy, and just BE in a beautiful 3 acre villa overlooking the ocean and surrounded by hiking trails. Sometimes we forget the beauty and serenity that lies in our own backyards. For more information on this contact me 🙂

Lots of love,


Mid April Catch Up

I missed catching everyone up at the beginning of this month, but that’s because I was midway through multiple projects. The end of April will be the end of a few workshops I’ve been focused on, and pave the way for big projects in the coming months!

I’ll be away then first few weeks of May in Panama leading my 3rd Yoga Retreat. The feeling inside of bringing to life this kind of gathering is indescribable.. but I will try to describe it when I’m back 🙂

Sansara panama yoga retreat

When I return, I have a quick 2 week break and then I get to dive into a 3 week Teacher Training Intensive in June! We have some spots open for this training, led by myself and Rachel Lubich. We will meet Sunday-Friday 7:30am-5pm, with Saturdays off. Need a yoga vacation? Need a yoga staycation? I have you covered! 

YTT yoga teacher

Have you ever thought about doing a 200 hour Teacher Training?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to jump on this one:

1. Deepen and expand your understanding of yoga

2. Develop and refine your personal practice

3. Help you to understand more clearly the Mind-Body-Spirit connection

4. Teach you the anatomical workings of the different systems of the body

5. Allow you to build and grow lasting relationships with fellow trainees and teachers

6. Educate you on how to teach an intelligently sequenced vinyasa yoga class

Email me today, our early bird pricing of $1795 is only good until April 30th!! 


I’m going to keep it short and sweet, email me about training and I will update you all after Panama 🙂

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A Look Into the Near Future!

How are we in March already? I’m still dating documents 2017!

The beginning of Spring is marking the beginning of a slew of events I’m hosting. Everything from a few hour workshop to multiple weeks of yoga immersion, I’ve been lucky enough (and worked hard) to involve myself in some exciting things!

March 11: 1-3pm at Spirit Yoga Studios

Harmonizing with the Seasons, Spring Cleaning

I’ve paired up with Juli Greenwald (RYT-500) for this experiential and informative workshop where we invite you to spend an afternoon detoxifying our physical bodies and decluttering our minds to mark the beginning of Spring. This workshop will include a vinyasa style flow class and meditation, an anatomy overview of the physical and energetic workings of the body, journaling, group discussion, and will end with a vegan treat. We will also incorporate essential oils and thai massage throughout our gathering. We aim to create a sense of vibrancy inside and out, and readiness to engage with the bright and fresh energies of the Spring season! Sign up on

March 24 at 12pm: Donation Class 

Join me for a donation based class at Spirit Yoga Studios to benefit Escuela Cambutal! We are visiting them in May with our retreat group to offer a “giving back” to the community for inviting us to travel and experience their home. Cambutal is a small and secluded town far from the city, and this school can benefit from us bringing them school supplies. All donations will be used to purchase supplies for this K-12 school, and we will spend an afternoon with them in Panama offering a mindfulness class to the students and staff. Join us for this donation class, and for the retreat of a lifetime!

May 6-12: La Vida Zen Yoga and Tropical Adventures Retreat to Panama!

We have a few spots left for this, and I am so so excited to make this happen. All the information is on my Retreats tab; feel free to email me with additional questions. A week of bliss in one of the most natural and pure places in Central America. Our home will be nestled in the jungle, with the ocean steps outside our door. Yoga and meditation will be incorporated into many optional group activities: paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, hiking, bike riding, exploring, wandering, and discovering. We are pairing with a local school as well when we head out there to bring them school supplies, and they are kind enough to let us come in and see their village and school, and offer some mindfulness and movement to the students and staff. It’s going to be such a beautiful experience, come see this for yourself 🙂

May 17 at 6pm: Kitten Yoga with the SD Humane Society

Yes!! Kitten Yoga!! Do I need to say more?

Come support an organization that helps our homeless furry friends, maybe you want to take one home? All kittens are adoptable! Come see who you connect with 🙂

June 3-22: 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

I am so excited to have paired up with Rachel Lubich (a teacher I admire more than words can express) to offer 3 weeks of yoga immersion. While you will learn how to teach a safe and smart yoga class, we will explore so many topics in the time we have together: history, philosophy, anatomy, subtle energies and chakras, ayurveda, sequencing, pranayama, meditation, and much MUCH more. Whether you are going to be vacationing in SD or have a flexible schedule, I’d love to talk to you more about this offering <3

I plan to take some time to reflect on everything after the summer training.  I’m arranging some personal travels during the second half of the year, so we will see what else makes sense for me to commit to 🙂 I’m always open to creative events that help spread this yoga thing, and incorporate other wellness aspects. I’d love to hear from anyone that reads this: what do you want? Are there trainings, workshops, retreats, events, etc that you want to see happen?

I hope to speak/see/practice with you soon!

February News!

Hey everyone 🙂 I am just a day away from boarding a plane to Colorado to go enjoy some snow and winter weather, not that I’m not enjoying the summer in San Diego but I could reaaaaally use a change in climate haha.

I officially finished my 300 hour training, and am feeling really good about everything I learned. There is so much I get to incorporate into my classes now. And, the great thing about yoga is the learning never ends! So my eyes are open looking for the next training I can join in on .. maybe something a tad shorter this time 🙂

I am excited to announce a workshop I am holding on March 11 with my friend and RYT-500 teacher, Juli Greenwald. Called “Harmonizing with the Seasons”, we will be discussing the anatomy of detoxing through yoga asana, clearing the mind through a breathing meditation, how to channel the energies of the springtime to best benefit you by journaling and discussion, and we will end with a yummy ayurvedic/vegan treat! You can sign up at

There are also a few spots left for my Panama Yoga and Tropical Adventure Retreat in May. If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in the jungle, walking out your front door into the water, swimming, paddleboarding, surfing, yogaing, meditating, hiking, eating the best natural local foods, and just recharging your mind in the center of nature .. well then you should come 🙂 Look up Sansara Surf and Yoga Resort and take a peak at where we are heading, sooo dreamy!

I always love hearing from the yogis out there, so reach out to me, and I hope to see you in a class soon!


January News!

Hello friends 🙂


I hope the holiday season treated everyone well, and that 2018 is the start to a healthy, happy, prosperous year!


In one week I am going to graduate from my 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training program. The last 4.5 months have been incredible. I’ve learned so much to share in my classes, workshops, retreats, and trainings. I’ve been so humbled by how much there is to learn – yoga really is a never ending study and practice, and that is one of my favorite things about it. Our existence holistically is mind boggling, and I hope some of you get to join me through the exploration of it.

I’ve added a few new classes so be sure to check out my schedule!


A series I am co-leading called Yoga 101 will be starting January 18th, and for 6 weeks we will meet a small group setting to explore mastering the foundations of this practice (breathing, meditation, and the physical practice and movements of the body). Email me for a special discount code you can use to enroll in this (held at Spirit Yoga in PB, Thursday’s 5:30pm).


Lastly, we still have some spots open for our Panama Yoga Retreat! This lush jungle/ocean sanctuary has been calling my name for years and I am so excited to share the experience with a group of curious travelers looking to rejuvenate their spirits. More details can be found on my home page <3

I hope to connect in some way over this new year, and would love to hear from you! Email me requests, inquiries, and anything that is on your mind.


Namaste :).


December News!

hike nazli takesh yoga

How is it December already?! This year has flown by! I want to share a few fun things I have been engaged in and what I will be offering to the public as the year comes to an end. As most of you know, yoga is a big BIG part of my life. What some of you know is that my passions are deeply rooted in holistic health: yoga, nutrition (both what you take in and put on your body), breathing, meditation, and spending time in nature are what I believe heals and keeps a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training I am taking is helping me reaffirm my beliefs and practices, and strengthen them to share with others.

hike nazli takesh yoga

During November, along with a lot of studies on the energetic side of yoga and healing, I became certified to teach Yin Yoga. A gentle style of yoga, that focuses more on stretching into the fascia (deep connective tissues) and promoting movement of prana throughout the body in a way that Vinyasa Yoga doesn’t target. They are wonderful and complementary practices. Thursdays at 8:15pm at Spirit Yoga Studios I’ll be leading a candlelit Yin inspired class during the month of December. Come take my 7pm Vinyasa class and stay for a deep stretch after 🙂

I am also leading a workshop series in January/February that will focus on mastering the fundamentals of yoga (breath, 6 movements of the spine, open/closed hip postures, backbends, and beginner inversions/arm balances). Ask me if you’d like more information on this!

Take a peek at my schedule to join me during the holiday season for some movement, and check out my retreat page if you’re interested in joining me for travel and yoga next year! I’ve got early bird pricing (big discounts) until Dec 15, so hurry and reserve your spot (if you didn’t know already, we are headed to Panama)! My retreats focus on discovering a new place, with an adventurous and curious group of people, while also wanting to better yourself via the path of holistic health and working from the inside out. This experience will be magical! I hope you come 🙂

I love receiving emails asking questions or just connecting, so I’d love to hear from you!


Lots of love <3

Namaste, Nazli

November News

Nazli Takesh Yoga San Diego November 2017

In September I took a big leap – I enrolled in a 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training. I’ll be spending the next few months diving deeper into yoga (philosophy, history, anatomy, subtle energies, and much much more). I’m learning so much already, and want to share as much as I can in every class I teach! It’s also giving me a lot of inspiration on different avenues to teach in. There’s a lot of creative juices flowing lately, stay tuned as I gain more insight into this practice, its origins, and where I can take it in the future 🙂